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Entering data across multiple systems can often lead to inaccuracies that cause major issues for your business.

Are you struggling with multiple separate systems, losing money and time?

The time it takes to generate, share, and maintain reports every month is one of the biggest burdens of manual spreadsheet reporting

Have you outgrown your spreadsheets and accounting package?

OneKloudX helps you review and reassess standard processes to identify opportunities for improvement

Is your existing NetSuite solution not performing like you need?

Time is wasted wrestling with an outdated system that doesn’t offer effective self-service

Is your ERP system outdated - unable to keep pace with your needs?

diagnose the roadblocks your team faces to increase efficiency

Do you have unique challenges that don't fit any of these broad categories?

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If your business is growing and you need to transform the technology and processes of your business, then you need to look at Netsuite expert OneKloudX. We provide a cloud-based industry-specific software suite that can help with your CRM, ERP, Financial Planning, Business Intelligence, Warehousing, Inventory Management and HR needs and more.

The OneKloudX team has deep expertise and experience in all industry verticals, and we leverage this knowledge to develop the right solution for your business.

From midsize to enterprise, businesses of every size are slashing their total cost of ownership, improving their finance productivity, and integrating sales and finance processes while securely accessing their business applications from mobile, tablet and desktop.

When we combine the best cloud technology with our proven FlexSafeTM 100% successful implementation approach our clients can achieve:

reduce operation costs

20-30% reduction in operational costs

increase revenue growth rate

5-10% increase in revenue growth in the first year


Curious? Would you like to find out if FlexSafeTM will work for your business? Take our free online Discovery Session. One of our cloud consultants will create your report, with spider diagrams, and measure your business against your industry and peers for 9 key KPIs.

Thinking about ERP?

What is ERP in simple terms?

Enterprise resource planning software is the perfect tool for companies that want to identify problems and opportunities in their business fast. The more employees with access, the better! With the help of ERP software they can spot things like a spike in demand, a supply chain issue or an impending cash flow crunch before it becomes a serious problem.

What are the core features of an erp system?

Business Intelligence. A key ERP principle is the central collection of data for company wide distribution. Instead of several standalone databases with an endless inventory of disconected spreadsheets, ERP systems bring order to chaos so that all users-from the CEO to accounts payable clerks-can create, store, and use the same data which is obtained through common processes.

Executives are generally focused on outcomes. An ERP platform installed by a capable NetSuite Partner in Australia enables you to get the right information to achieve goals, to increase efficiency, reduce costs, reduce business risk and respond quickly to changing customer needs or market conditions.

As a business owner, your software should be able to automate many of the tasks that have been taking up so much time. ERP software can do this by automating account reconciliations, customer billing and order processing - while also providing valuable Business Intelligence information about how efficiently your whole team is operating.

An ERP implementation is a comprehensive system that solves the challenges of data storage and organisation by not only storing but also organising data. A NetSuite ERP implementation partner like OneKloudX can help you do this safley. With Enterprise Resource Planning, you can get both an overview of how your company is doing as well as detailed insights into a specific business process or KPI because the Netsuite platform will find patterns in everything stored for investigation when something comes up wrong. You get real business intelligence which you just can't get from spreadsheets!

What are the benefits of an erp system?

The benefits of an ERP system are endless. With access to data from anywhere (even a mobile phone), employees no longer need to shuffle through piles of papers or files scattered across a desktop. A Cloud ERP solution allows for greater efficiency in the workplace and empowers professionals with mobility not previously possible!

ERP software that's tailored to meet the needs of an individual business pays major dividends, making these systems a critical tool for companies across industries and of all sizes. Many of the world's best-known and most successful firms have leaned on ERP for the last quarter century. NetSuite cloud based ERP software can be configured by your NetSuite solution provider and priced to meet the needs of your sized business.

What is NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite is the world's most widely used cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, used by more than 34,000 customers. It's been a cloud based solution for 25 years now, and is a stable mature business growth and management platform. Make smarter, faster decisions using this cutting-edge technology that can help you do your job better!

Is NetSuite an Oracle product?

Oracle Corporation acquired NetSuite in November 2016. The newly formed Oracle NetSuite Business Unit is managed as "Oracle's Cloud ERP for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises".

NetSuite ERP empowers businesses of all sizes, across all industries, in every part of the world, to unlock innovation and growth.

With business intelligence integrated into our systems, you and your team can have immediate access to the right data so as not to fall victim of errors in interpretation. This ensures that all business operations are accurate from start-to-finish with no need for double checking or questioning.

NetSuite ERP has all the functionality businesses need in one comprehensive suite -- accelerating time to value by providing access across functions like accounting, financial management, sales force automation, system administration & development (SD&E) services, project management, human capital management (HCM), warehouse operation, oreder management and supply chain management.

What type of business is NetSuite for?

NetSuite ERP's wide range of functionalities and industry-specific Support Modules means it can work with the unique business management requirements for your growing business right out of the box.

No matter what business you are in, this ERP system has real-time dashboards that provide engaging graphical reports, so you have revenue recognition to forecast your profits, work in progress and inventory costs at a glance.

With real-time system software accessible across desktop, smartphone, and tablet, the right Netsuite implementation partner will ensure your customer experience won't suffer from shutdowns or conectivity issues caused by "maintenance". Unlike many accounting software packages, Netsuite is always "on", 24/7.

NetSuite ERP also offers customisable features to help suit each customer's financial management needs on an individual basis such as more robust reporting tools or importing data from other systems seamlessly so there are no additional netsuite integration costs!

NetSuite 2023 Release 2 Highlights

The second NetSuite ERP release for 2023 is here and you can't afford to ignore these updates. Our NetSuite team at OneKloudX has compiled the essential new features for accounting and billing, data analytics, warehouse management, and more.

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Latest Blog

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