Wrike NetSuite Prebuilt Connector

All-in-one work management platform empowering company wide teams to collaborate and manage projects

colleagues working together project using wrike

Alignment and visibility

Wrike is a project management application works as a team collaborative work management tool for businesses of all sizes.

You can customise workspaces to match your team’s preferences, enabling seamless adaptation of workflows and views. With 360° visualisation, maintain a holistic perspective across departments that fosters alignment.

Adapt workflows, change views, and tailor your workspaces to reflect your teams’ needs and preferences while maintaining 360° visualization.

Centralise your work processes with Wrike NetSuite PreBuilt Connector to enhance team project collaboration and productivity.


Eliminate wasted efforts

Maximise productivity, minimise duplication

fatser outcomes

Faster outcomes delivery

Align strategic outcomes with execution and delivery

Collaboration across all departments

Across all departments

Collaborations to manage multiple team projects


Wrike connector for NetSuite delivers results

The Wrike connector for NetSuite enables collaborations, project management and drive strategic initiatives.

Drive efficiencies company wide with Wrike connector for NetSuite

Give your team the tools to tackle complex work