SunSystems Data Migration

Seamless data migration from SunSystems to any ERP

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Secure and accurate SunSystems data migration to ensure continuity

To meet the demands of business today, efficient data management is crucial. Our expert SunSystems data migration services ensure a seamless transition, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Many businesses face challenges with SunSystems, including limited functionality and scalability issues. The outdated user interface and integration challenges hinder efficiency and growth. High maintenance costs of on-premise infrastructure add financial strain. SunSystems may also struggle with meeting current compliance and security standards. Furthermore, limited vendor support and fewer updates can leave businesses vulnerable, necessitating a migration to modern ERP systems.

Our team expertise with SunSystems ensures a seamless and efficient migration to a modern ERP system, addressing all these challenges.


Our Framework

Extract data from its current location

Source Extraction
Extract data from it’s current location and prepare for the transition

Mapping and transformation

Mapping & Transformation
Identify all data fields and standardise naming conventions

Efficiently move the data across from SunSystems to any ERP system

Efficiently move the data across from SunSystems to any ERP system

Ensure all data is accurately reconciled with no loose ends

Ensure all data is accurately reconciled with no loose

Migrating data requires a team with deep knowledge of the system to ensure success. The complexities of SunSystems’ data structure and unique features necessitate expert handling to avoid data loss and inaccuracies. Without specialised knowledge, critical aspects of the migration may be overlooked, leading to operational disruptions and increased costs.

We ensure successful data migrations with our expert team and proven methods. Our deep knowledge of SunSystems allows us to handle the complexities of your data, maintaining accuracy and integrity throughout the process.

Rigorous testing and meticulous data transformation minimise risks and prevent disruptions. Trust us to provide a seamless transition and smooth integration with your new ERP system, backed by our extensive experience and expertise.

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OneKloudX was selected for the data migration project due to our in-depth knowledge of Infor SunSystems and Technology One ERP solutions.

Turn your ERP challenges into growth and efficiencies

Ensure a smooth, secure and efficient data migration from your old ERP to your new system.