eftsure Connector for NetSuite

Don’t pay the wrong people with the security standard for business payments keeping your Accounts Payable safe

Cybercrime costs Australians $140B

Estimated annual cost to Australia’s economy (UNSW Canberra Security)

90% of cyber-attacks stem from human error

Human errors cause most cyber attacks (OAIC Data Breach Report)

1 in 4 insider scams are caused by an insider

All types of threat of insider risks are increasing (Proofpoint)

eftsure for NetSuite is the only connector for NetSuite, built in Australia by the OneKloudX team. It allows you to focus on your organisation’s financial health and strategy, ensuring peaceful nights. Our eftsure connector integrates seamlessly into your NetSuite ERP offering unparalleled security and efficiency in your financial operations.

Your business relies on getting payments to the right people. So the safeguards you put in place to avoid being defrauded or making errors – are the most important measures you can take to protect your organisation’s transactions. Most financial fraud happens when trading with suppliers. You can’t control their systems and processes, but you can control the payments you make to them.

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eftsure connector for NetSuite benefits

  • 1

    Validate NetSuite supplier records

  • 2
    Validates the payments .aba file generated in NetSuite
  • 3

    Confident payments

  • 4

    Empower with autonomy

  • 5
    Stress-free auditing

What eftsure does

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[WEBINAR] Defend against AI-powered Cyberfraud with eftsure for NetSuite

Join our exclusive webinar to uncover the hidden threats facing your finance team and learn about the AI tools modern cyber-criminals are using to target your business.

23 July 2024 at 12.00pm