ADInstruments Case Study

AdInstruments revolutionised their supply planning with NetSuite MRP

AdInstruments revolutionised their supply planning with NetSuite MRP

ADInstruments is an international biomedical technology company with Head Office in New Zealand with nine locations worldwide. ADInstruments specialises in innovative hardware and software solutions for data acquisition and analysis in the life science research and education markets.


ADInstruments streamlines their supply demand planning

Confronting challenges in supply chain visibility and operational agility due to microchip supply uncertainties, ADInstruments partnered with OneKloudX to integrate NetSuite MRP into NetSuite ERP system. The collaborative implementation approach optimised inventory management, enhanced supply chain visibility, and eliminated production disruptions. This strategic shift has significantly improved ADInstruments’ inventory control, streamlined their production process, and bolstered their resilience to supply chain fluctuations.

NetSuite MRP overcomes supply chain challenges

With prolonged lead times and unpredictability in the microchip supply chain, ADInstruments sought to incorporate NetSuite MRP into their existing NetSuite system. Their goal was to enhance visibility, fortify resilience against future market shocks, and manage operations with increased agility.

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Process mapping collaborative approach

Working closely with the ADInstruments team to map and adapt existing processes allowed for optimal inventory management, eliminated disruptions in the production cycle, and facilitated a culture change, that has led to an increased adoption of the new system.

“NetSuite MRP has substantially increased our operational efficiency and provided better visibility into ordering components for our production. OneKloudX’s support throughout this process has been invaluable, they brought a wealth of experience and expertise that helped us get the most out of the NetSuite’s MRP solution.”

Phobe Au, Operations Manager

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