Shop Floor Time Management for NetSuite Prebuilt Connector

Capture time across each manufacturing process

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Precision at your fingertips

Many manufacturing businesses struggle with true manufacturing cost calculations, especially when it comes to labour cost actuals. While most focus on material costs, the labour costs on work orders are often missed.

Tailored for dynamic manufacturing operations, this innovative solution transforms how you track and manage time across each work order operation across your production shop floor. Suitable for all types of manufacturing, our connector offers a mobile-friendly, real-time approach to clocking in and out on individual orders.

Project Cost Clarity

29% struggle with true cost calculations

Labour Cost Tracking

Transform labour cost management

Risk reduction

48% face compliance risks

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Accurate cost visibility

Designed to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite, it not only simplifies labour tracking, but also enhances productivity, safety, and compliance. Experience a new level of operational clarity and control, as we help you move towards a more efficient, data-driven manufacturing environment.

Labour costs clarity

Your financial management team will gain dependable and transparent time records for costings, while Management will benefit from a data-driven approach that optimises budgeting and cost planning, marking a significant shift towards manufacturing excellence.

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Revolutionise time tracking, no matter your manufacturing focus

The Shop Floor Time Management NetSuite Prebuilt Connector is particularly beneficial for a wide range of manufacturing processes, including:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
    Precise time tracking on each assembly or component, enhancing efficiency and cost tracking.

  • Process Manufacturing
    Accurate labour time tracking for each batch, improving cost calculation and compliance.

  • Mixed-Mode Manufacturing
    Flexible and accurate time tracking across different production methods.

  • Job Shop Manufacturing
    Tracks start/stop time spent by each person on individual jobs or projects.

  • Lean Manufacturing
    Identifies time inefficiencies by person so you can optimise labour allocation.

  • Just-In Time Manufacturing
    Accurate time tracking to support tight schedule and reduce downtime.

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Shop Floor Time Management

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