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To help business owners extract the most value from their NetSuite ERP

In 2018, OneKloudX emerged to address ERP system underutilisation, combat oversold features, and reduce reliance on add-on solutions and heavy customisations.

Rob and Vikash aimed to harness cloud technologies, like NetSuite, to empower businesses with the most important insights from their data easily, and optimise the native strength and power of NetSuite ERP for longterm scalability and sustainability.

We are driven by a passion to help organisations build profit, with purpose. This belief is in our DNA.



What we do

We develop solutions that meet your needs right from the very outset. Whether you need a new NetSuite implementation, new functionality added, training, or support, we provide you with solutions that are right for your people, and business.

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How we do it

Our process starts by comprehensively understanding your business, challenges, vision, and goals. Our NetSuite specialists, employ FlexSafe – our unique ERP implementation methodology to implement cloud solutions that are right for you.

Why we do it

Our purpose is to help customers realise the Total Cost of Ownership ROI, the potential native strength of their NetSuite solution for scalability and efficiencies without the technology bloat, and reliance on heavy customisations and add-ons.


Unleash the potential in your business

We combine the power of technology with knowledge, experience, and service to get peak performance for your business. We offer the global leading true cloud ERP system, NetSuite, and careful selected best of breed solutions to automate processes, improve visibility, and enhance performance.

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