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Cogstate centralises disparate information with NetSuite ERP and NetSuite Planning & Budgeting

Cogstate Ltd (ASX: CGS) is a neuroscience technology company specialising in brain health assessments. The principal activity of the company is the sale of technology and services to measure cognition. The company provides licensed digital tests for health professionals and medical researchers.

Cogstate technologies provide rapid, reliable and highly sensitive computerised cognitive tests across a growing list of domains and support electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) solutions to replace costly and error-prone paper assessments with real-time data capture. The company’s clinical trials solutions include quality assurance services for study endpoints that combine innovative operational approaches, advanced analytics, and scientific consulting.

For 20 years, Cogstate has proudly supported the leading-edge research needs of biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions and the clinical care needs of physicians and patients around the world. Cogstate has been selected to support the world’s top 10 pharma; have conducted more than 2,000 academic and clinical research trials; and administered more than 2 million tests.


Cogstate streamlines operations for business growth

Cogstate Ltd faced significant major functional gaps in project management and ERP solutions which led to inefficiencies, hindering optimal centralisation of business functions. This transformation from disparate systems to NetSuite cloud solutions has not only optimised financial processes, but also positioned Cogstate for future growth and scalability, reflecting the comprehensive impact on their overall operational landscape.

Functional Gaps and Disparate Systems Information Silos

Cogstate faced operational inefficiencies due to significant gaps in its project management and ERP solutions. This hindered their ability to centralise essential business functions and information. TManual processes, complex intricate spreadsheets, and disparate systems exacerbated time and cost inefficiencies, impacting project analysis and decision-making. The over-reliance on user knowledge, lack of standardisation, and high system maintenance costs further underscored the need for a scalable, integrated solution.

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Limited visibility across projects

Cogstate faced challenges as it struggled with visibility across departments and limited access to essential information. Information silos across departments, the absence of a unified Purchase Order System, and reliance on manual processes like paper-based invoices hampered comprehensive organisational insights. They encountered difficulties in tracking devices and managing project expenses exacerbated the operational complexities.

NetSuite streamlined financial processes, eliminating cross-company information silos, and provided unparalleled visibility across the organisation.

“The implementation of NetSuite and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting has been transformative for Cogstate. The unified platform eliminated inefficiencies, providing a seamless experience for our team. With real-time visibility and automation, we now make data-driven decisions confidently and efficiently. The support and guidance provided by OneKloudX during the implementation was exceptional. Their commitment to understanding our unique challenges and tailoring solutions made the entire implementation successful.”

Darren Watson, Chief Financial Officer

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