FlexSafe ERP Implementation Methodology

Unleashing the potential in your NetSuite ERP implementation with a revoluntionary proven approach

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Think an ERP implementation is difficult?

With OneKloudX and NetSuite, it is easier than you think. Robert Jurcec explains how.

Flexsafe ERP Implementation Methodology by OneKloudX

Transparent and Trust

Embark on a transformative journey with our unique ERP implementation methodology, FlexSafe, designed to enable us both to work together effectively through structured, manageable steps.

Our professional approach seamlessly integrates with your operations, enhancing visibility, reducing risk, and fostering a partnership built on trust and confidence. Our unique delivery approach offers a range of benefits to customers who value flexibility and agility in their implementation projects.

We have a thorough understanding of what it takes to implement an ERP solution successfully. We are dedicated to providing tailored ERP solutions, streamlining and automating complex processes and environments using the native power of NetSuite.

With industry specific knowledge and NetSuite technical expertise, and exceptional project management skills, we ensure that we deliver every ERP implementation project that meets our clients’ needs.


Flexsafe ERP Implementation Methodology

At the heart of our FlexSafe Implementation approach is a simple belief: put people first, before technology. FlexSafe is the fruit of countless years spent consulting and implementing ERP, learning what works and what doesn’t. We have seen where traditional models like Waterfall and Agile/Scrum fall short, and that’s why we created our own methodology, FlexSafe.

FlexSafe isn’t just another ERP implementation methodology; It is a revolutionary approach to managing CRM and ERP projects. Our clients remain involved in the configuration process and can ask for changes depending on market realities, as the implementation progresses without disrupting any other operations. By breaking down our process into clear, structured steps, we make sure we are all moving forward together, effectively and efficiently cultivating a partnership that you can trust.

What makes FlexSafe ERP Implementation methodology truly unique is the fact that it focuses on delivering quality and value to the client, while fulfilling every deadline.


How we work

Discover & Define

Our journey begins with understanding your business. Our team of NetSuite experts tailor NetSuite ERP solutions to drive your business forward.

Design & Development

Our approach reduces risk and enhances operational visibility building project roadmaps. We map your current processes and future plans.

Delivery & Support

We deliver in phases for collaboration, increased user adoption, and reduced risk of budget and timeline overruns. After go-live we continue to provide support.

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“The OneKloudX team has been open and willing to work with us onsite and collaborate in a modern agile manner. The flexible engagement approach has been a large benefit to the scaling of our projects. We are benefiting from a unified cloud solution that has resulted in Capex savings, real-time inventory management, and improved procurement processes. No more spreadsheets!”

Gavin Smith, Chief Financial Officer

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