Kanban Boards for NetSuite

Visually organise, manage and update task records


Empower team collaborations

Resilience and maintaining organisational efficiency are essential for success in the uncertain and dynamic business landscape.

With the only Kanban Boards for NetSuite available on the market, you can modernise your projects, sales, marketing, or any operational task and transaction that is complex.

Our solution is designed, and built natively, on the NetSuite platform, ensuring that your data is always up-to-date and in realtime. Eliminates the need to for manual updates across other comparative solutions likes Trello or Jira. This means you can focus on what matters most – driving your tasks forward.

Stay ahead of deadlines and keep on track with Kanban Boards for NetSuite. Get a clear view of upcoming tasks and identify any bottle-necks that may hinder your progress.

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Kanban Boards for NetSuite built on NetSuite

Kanban Boards for NetSuite is built on the NetSuite platform. You experience simplicity, flexibility, and power directly in one solution. With boards, lists, and cards, so you can see who is working on what, what needs to be done, and when.



You will be able to keep tasks organised across any of your process areas like sales, projects, resource allocations, etc, moving forward. Tracking every task progress from from “to do” to “done” is easy, seamless and visually clear.



Starting with the fundamental stages of viewing tasks based on defining and outlining all the information using NetSuite Saved Searches. All this information is displayed on the board dashboard view as cards.

Swim Lane


Cards show tasks across any NetSuite record based on defined swimlanes. Each card contains the task essentials to complete a task. Drop & drag cards from any defined swimlane updating NetSuite records instantly.


Leave no task undone

If you are tired of manually navigating through a maze of tasks? Kanban Boards for NetSuite offers a modern inline solution. With clear visualisations and customisable boards, you can streamline tasks for each person, keeping the team aligned and focused.

Built on the NetSuite platform. It’s all done in NetSuite.

Easily understand tasks
by your team with clear, customisable boards.

Move from idea to action for each stage with drop-drag functionality quickly and easily.

Instantly see the status
of every task and hit deadlines without fail.

Changes made on the board are updated in NetSuite automatically.

DOWNLOAD the technical datasheet for more information here.


Kanban Boards for every role

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Since 2014, we have been using NetSuite. Before adopting Kanban Boards for NetSuite, our workflow lacked structure and was cumbersome for our users to update key information. If you can’t get people using it, you can’t get the most from it. If your data is not up to date, your reporting is inaccurate. After implementing Kanban Boards, everything changed. Now, NetSuite is our trusted, reliable source of truth.”

Iain Whyte, IT Manager

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