NetSuite for Manufacturing

Purpose-built based on our experience with over 3,000 manufacturers


Seamless operations and amplified production

Manufacturers represent the largest portion of companies using ERP software. NetSuite’s industry leading ERP software helps manufacturers streamline operations while providing the added capabilities they need to increase efficiency and profitability.

With inventory management, dynamic replenishment, production planning and warehouse management, financial accounting and costings, budgeting and forecasting, customer and partner relationship management, e-commerce and more, NetSuite ERP is the best choice for manufacturing organisations to efficiently run their businesses.

Regardless of the type of manufacturer or distributor, NetSuite provides a unified suite that gives you visibility and control on a single platform – from manufacturing to customer service.

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Operational brilliance, Unmatched productivity

NetSuite SuiteSuccess manufacturing platform is based on leading practices and will accelerate your Industry 4.0 ability to automate and exchange data across all your existing technologies.

Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess Manufacturing comes in a Standard Edition, purpose-built based on the implementation experience of 3,000+ manufacturers including, but not limited to, functionality to support forecasting, supply chain planning, contract manufacturing visibility, planning / scheduling, and sales order and work order management.

It features one integrated platform for all of your company’s business operations, cutting down on costly and inefficient manual processes that typically plague small and midsize businesses. It is scalable, allowing companies of all sizes to transition from start-ups to medium size companies to enterprise-level companies more effectively.

Ready to Go Manufacturing Business Functionality

NetSuite implementation end-to-end processes are all set-up and ready to transact.

The NetSuite SuiteSuccess license and implementation price point is designed for a small to medium sized company – up to a maximum of 10 users. Remember NetSuite SuiteSuccess is the starting point. As your business grows into advanced manufacturing, so does the platform.

  • Marketing & CRM
  • Financial Management
  • Item & Inventory Management
  • Lead to Quote
  • Order to Cash & Return to Credit
  • Procure to Pay & Return to Debit

Roles and Dashboards

6 pre-configured roles out of the box and aligned to each functional area –

  • CEO
  • Controller
  • Purchasing & Accounts Payable
  • Sales & Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Manager
  • Administrator

95 Reports Including

Pre-defined reports across all functional areas with each assigned to roles –

  • Weekly Cash Projection
  • Available to Sell
  • Churn – Customer
  • Accounts Receivable Cash Incoming
  • Order to Cash & Return to Credit

7 KPI Scorecards Including

Each KPI Scorecard provides performance metrics in real-time and on any device –

  • Sales Performance
  • Vendor Performance
  • Financial Performance
  • Operational Performance
  • Debt Covenants
  • Period Based Financials

20+ Workflow & Forms

Connected operational and financials workflows (e.g. invoice approvals, purchasing approvals, DOA’s) with all the required extendible transactions forms linked to each role

  • Financial Workflow & Forms
  • Item & Inventory Workflow & Forms
  • Lead to Quote Workflow & Forms
  • Order to Cash Workflow & Forms
  • Procure to Pay Workflow & Forms
  • Fixed Assets Workflows & Forms
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“The OneKloudX team has been open and willing to work with us onsite and collaborate in a modern agile manner. The flexible engagement approach has been a large benefit to the scaling of our projects. We are benefiting from a unified cloud solution that has resulted in Capex savings, real-time inventory management, and improved procurement processes. No more spreadsheets!”

Gavin Smith, Chief Financial Officer

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Turn your ERP challenges into growth and efficiencies

Learn how NetSuite for Manufacturers handles everything from sales order to work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfilment and product costings.