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Effective venue management with NetSuite

Venue management requires efficient financial and operational data, and is crucial for sporting grounds, conference centres, stadiums, restaurants and bars, and other venues.

Managing venues and facilities effectively ensures not only the smooth execution of events while enhancing attendee satisfaction and maximising revenue. This is where NetSuite ERP comes into play, serving as a transformative tool that streamlines all facets of venue operations in a unified single platform.

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All-In-One venue management solution

NetSuite is an all-in-one event management solution providing everything you need to manage events and facilities. NetSuite is designed to manage every aspect of your organisation’s needs on a single unified platform.

With comprehensive features NetSuite caters to the diverse needs of venue management. NetSuite Financial Management system integrates all financial operations from Point of Sale and subsidiary management, consolidations, and reporting. Gain complete visibility into the entire business in real-time while eliminating double entry and costly systems and integration overhead.

Powerful modern cloud system

Intuitive software for venues to create extraordinary events that maximise your ROI, boost event management efficiencies, attendance, and capture leads. NetSuite is a powerful venue management tool that empowers venues to create extraordinary events that not only maximise ROI.

The intuitive features and user-friendly interface, NetSuite streamlines the event planning process, allowing venue managers to achieve business goals. Whether it’s managing event logistics, registrations, or analysing attendee data, NetSuite is the ultimate solution to optimise operations and drive success.

Key functionality

  • Integrated financials – for integrated financials, sales and purchase orders, inventory, forecasting, client relationship management and event management.
  • Planning  – easier and faster for planning and budgeting to model a range of budget or forecast scenarios, and link operating expenses to financial results.
  • CRM and Information – NetSuite CRM collects and manages all details of client purchasing and relationships.
  • Streamlined Purchasing Processes: NetSuite provides integrated tools for purchasing, vendor management, and inventory tracking with full visibility into purchase order status, manage supplier contracts and purchasing processes.
  • Reporting: It allows you to run consolidated sales reporting with custom dashboards that make it easy to manage different facilities and business entity groups from a single system.
  • Franchise Management: With franchise operations, you need to be able to allocate costs quickly and track expenses across multiple locations. NetSuite helps you streamline franchise management by allowing you to gain insight into the performance of multiple franchised operations from a single system.
  • Point of Sale Integration: A unified solution that integrates seamlessly with your POS systems to ensure accuracy while eliminating labour-intensive manual processes.
  • Payroll, Rostering and Time and Attendance – Simplified with shift scheduling, captures time and attendance across your workforce and calculates wages. The mobile app provides a convenient way for managers and employees to view schedules and manage shift swaps to ensure scheduling accuracy for adequate coverage.
  • For customer service, the integrated solution gives everyone who works with the customer – sales, support, service, and fulfilment – access to complete key customer data in real-time to support customers while leveraging upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Jobs and Work Order management supports facilities management where scheduling, asset management, and rostering are critical to maintaining high health, safety, and quality standards.
  • Robust Reporting Tools: With powerful business intelligence capabilities, NetSuite allows for real-time analytics, trending, event planning, and forecasting – giving you valuable insights into how your restaurants are performing at any given moment.
  • Custom APIs: seamless integrations with venue-specific solutions, expanding NetSuite’s capability and adaptability to meet diverse requirements. From ticketing systems to CRM platform, payroll and facility management, custom APIs optimise operations and maximise the value of your venue management.

Manage your venues and subsidiaries in a single consolidated ERP

For organisations with multiple venues, subsidiaries, and franchises under their umbrella, NetSuite provides a unified solution on a single platform that can manage them all in one place. All financials of the parent company and its associated subsidiaries are easily rolled into a single database. Resulting in easy-to-run consolidated sales and management reporting.

Benefits of NetSuite

Unlock the potential of your venue company with NetSuite’s cloud-based business management software. This powerful solution offers a multitude of benefits, including:

Improved Efficiency

  • Streamline and automate critical business processes
  • Eliminate manual tasks and optimize workflows

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Manage customer interactions and track preferences
  • Provide personalized services and efficient communication

Enhanced Visibility and Control

  • Real-time visibility into key business metrics
  • Quick and easy access to data for analysis

Improved Financial Management

  • Enhance financial reporting and analysis
  • Make informed business decisions and manage financial performance

Increased Scalability

  • Cloud-based solution that easily scales with company growth
  • Provides flexibility and resources for expansion and success

Successful NetSuite implementations in the venue & hospitality industry

Explore these case studies showcasing the successful implementation of NetSuite in the venue industry:

Solotel is a third-generation hospitality business with over 26 unique venues across Sydney that selected NetSuite OneWorld to bring multiple venues into a single, consolidated view on a single platform. Migrating from a legacy accounting system they were unable to get a clear view of the group or individual businesses easily. With a complex operational and technology architecture, NetSuite has improved the operational and financial visibility across the organisation. The team saved time by removing repetitive tasks and a reduction in the time to close the month-end for all businesses and the group. Read their case study.

Kardinia Park Stadium Trust has a full overview in real time of each project, subcontractors, costs and schedules. This agile approach keeps people connected, independent, and productive no matter where they are in the workflow. The Kardinia Park Stadium Trust now have the tools they need to manage their ever-changing workloads. Find out how.

Comcast Spectacor is a leader in sports and entertainment as the manager of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. It owns the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers and the National Lacrosse League’s Philadelphia Wings and presents an concerts and events. The company is also starting to produce interactive events and operate additional entertainment venues.


NetSuite ERP is an indispensable tool for venue managers looking to improve their operational functionality and efficiencies. In today’s events industry climate, inefficient inventory management and manual processes no longer cut it. With NetSuite, venues can be sure that their business is backed by a secure, reliable, and modern system.

In addition, the advanced reporting capabilities offer visibility into your operations to help you improve profitability and performance. By providing a single source of truth across all locations and departments, you can spend less time on manual processes and more time focused on what matters most – delivering exceptional customer experiences. With a suite of integrated applications, NetSuite unlocks the power of a completely connected venue business, so you can handle the business and delivering superior events with ease.

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