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Solotel Hospitality Group gains NetSuite operational efficiency and clarity with Application Managed Services

Founded in 1986, Solotel has been an integral backdrop for great food, beverage, entertainment, music, and positive energy. They provide a diversity of experience, with 26 venues strong and growing in Sydney and Brisbane. The venues range includes restaurants, pubs, and bars, offering services such as accommodation and dining experiences.


Solotel Hospitality Group transformed operations in NetSuite

Dissatisfaction with the unstable existing NetSuite installation, Solotel recognised that they needed a solution that would effectively meet their needs. The OneKloudX team offered a Managed Services support solution that promised not just to stabilise their system but also to document and streamline their third-party integrations. This approach required extensive cooperation between Solotel and OneKloudX. Through a series of functional and technical workshops focusing on Service Process Prioritisation, both teams worked diligently to create usable documentation that would form the basis for a more efficient system.

Complex 3rd-party integration environment issues

Navigating a highly customised NetSuite environment, Solotel faced challenges in effectively integrating third-party solutions due to the lack of documentation and technical expertise. This hindered their operational efficiency and ability to meet customer expectations.

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Direct access to Sydney Harbour by Solotel

System knowledge gaps and usability

Solotel Hospitality Group team struggled with severe knowledge gaps, a real lack of clarity on their existing solutions, and limited understanding of how to maximise the functionality of their systems. This resulted in inefficiencies, suboptimal utilisation, and a need for comprehensive training to empower their team with the skills required for effective system usage.

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Case Study - Solotel Cover Page

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