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How we can help you?

Our team can work as an independent advisor to help you understand the operating model required to meet your business goals whether it be structure for growth or reduce costs through increasing productivity through technology.
We focus on all your businesses processes to deliver a fully connected enterprise through ERP and technology.

Record to Report

This is one of the fundamental processes in how your company manages and reports their financials. In this process we focus on the below and creating the right structure needed to report in real-time

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Financial Segments
  • Journals
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Currencies and Exchange Rates

Design to Build

The multiple challenges facing most here pertain multiple data sources of product information across the organisation. Mapping each roles requirements for product information will ensure the 360 degree view of what each person needs from product development to delivery to reporting profitability.

Campaign to Cash

We focus on how your company generates revenue by initially starting at marketing and lead generation, to nurturing, opportunity management to closing the deal all the way through to service / product delivery and invoicing. Most importantly we are laser focussed on understanding the opportunities in improving margins for each product / customer combination.

Plan to Pay

Planning your operations based on the expected sales in both the short and long term. Having the right product or team available at the right time through planning is paramount. Having visibility of the marketing campaigns and sales opportunities expected to close whilst having clarity on historical sales is the formula we use to plan product or resource inventory. Once planned we can also consider the cashflow implication and proceed on the sales and operation plan.

Resource to Project

For a service based businesses, having visibility of resource job allocations, utilisation and ensuring the right staff member is allocated to the right job based on their skills and credentials. We ensure we look at implementing the right technology to is imperative to managing utilisation and having the right person for resources to view their job allocations device agnostic and know what they are to work on, whilst minimising the administration effort of managing their time and expense.

Call to Resolution

Whether it is managing product warranties or delivering customer service and measuring satisfaction, we work to understand the customer support journey and implement initiatives to improve turnaround times and customer net promoter score.

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Some of who we’ve worked with

  • School Box
  • WorkX+ Totally Works
  • AusPac Finance
  • Touchscreen Solutions
  • Fytogreen
  • Cellardor

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