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How FMG Engineering achieved 100% response times to SLAs using Kanban Boards for NetSuite

FMG Engineering, a leading engineering consultancy firm with 150 employees, has been at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in the industry. Established to provide top-tier engineering solutions, the company recognised the need for a robust project management system that would integrate with NetSuite. FMG Engineering faced significant challenges with its existing project management tools, prompting a search for a NetSuite integrated Kanban Board solution.


FMG Engineering’s journey to enhanced efficiency and workflow mastery

FMG Engineering faced challenges with its existing project management approach that resulted in project statuses being outdated and resource allocations not accurately reflected in NetSuite, creating informational gaps between actual project progress and what was reported.

Recognising the need for an integrated solution, FMG Engineering explored options for Kanban Boards within NetSuite. The successful integration of Kanban Boards within NetSuite has had a profound impact on FMG Engineering’s customer relationship management and strategic planning capabilities. By providing a centralised platform for tracking all customer interactions and project milestones, the solution has improved the sales team’s ability to manage proposals, track engagements, and forecast future work accurately.

Resistance to updating project information

Staff members at FMG Engineering initially resisted using NetSuite for project updates, preferring familiar but less efficient methods. This reluctance resulted in outdated and inconsistent project data silos.

The gaps in project management information hindered accurate tracking and resource allocation. Addressing this challenge was crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making accuracy.

FMG Engineering remote onsite vehicle using Kanban Boards for NetSuite
FMG Engineering vehicle fleet use Kanban Boards for NetSuite for remote work

Fragmented project management tools

FMG Engineering faced issues with the use of disparate, unconnected tools such as Trello for managing tasks. This approach led to the creation of data silos, obstructing a cohesive project management strategy.

Without a unified view of projects, the company struggled with inefficiencies in workflow, reporting, forecasting and budgeting, as well as overall project oversight. Overcoming this fragmentation was essential for streamlining processes and improving project delivery outcomes.

“Before adopting Kanban Boards for NetSuite, our workflow lacked structure and was cumbersome for our users to update key information. If you can’t get people using it, you can’t get the most from it. If your data is not up to date, your reporting is inaccurate. After implementing Kanban Boards for NetSuite, everything changed. The Kanban boards and user interface have been game-changers for us. Improvements in how many users engage with the system and update data in the right place at the right time have allowed the business to rely on reporting derived from that data. Now, NetSuite is our trusted, reliable source of truth.”

Iain Whyte, IT Manager

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FMG Engineering Case Study

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