Has Your Business Outgrown Xero

How to tell you have outgrown Xero

Since its launch in 2006, Xero has become the default accounting platform for many small businesses, but can its platform support the growth of your business?

If you subscribe to Xero’s cloud-based accounting platform, that’s a question you should ask yourself before it’s too late. While being in the cloud brings benefits like accessibility, it does not necessarily mean it will be able to support the levels of business complexity that come with success.

Xero’s capabilities focus squarely on the small business market. While it often supports the needs of early-stage or single entity businesses, many business owners find that they need something more sophisticated as they increase their workforce, enter new markets and add to their product offerings. They are fearful that if they stress their existing business applications any further, “something will break.” Let’s face it, Xero is generally designed for small to medium sized businesses, and as these businesses expands, the system often struggles to keep up. Recognising the signs that you are outgrowing Xero is critical to ensure your organisation continues to improve, and isn’t held back unnecessarily.

So how can you know that you’ve outgrown Xero?

In this whitepaper we help you to identify the five common pain points that may indicate your business is outgrowing Xero’s capabilities. We’ve distilled these pain

Drawing on OneKloudX’s experience of implementing Oracle NetSuite’s, as one of the leading cloud-based solutions, enterprise resource planning providers, this white paper will help to identify five common pain points that may indicate your business has outgrown Xero accounting capabilities.

We’ve distilled these pain points from years of conversations with our customers, many of whom have successfully made the transition from small businesses thriving organisations in multiple markets– often with major changes to their financial and accounting platforms in the process. We hope this insight will help you assess your own company’s present and future business application needs as you pursue your growth aspirations, here and abroad.

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