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Your Shield Against Financial Fraud

Cyber Attack Icon Online Robbery
Cybercrime costs Australians
$4B annually
90% of cyber-attacks stem from
human error
The average loss to a BEC attack in 2022
was $64K


EFTSure is the answer to manual control challenges, internal fraud, and incorrect payments. EFTSure gives you the freedom to focus on your organisation’s financial health and strategy, ensuring peaceful nights. Our EFTSure NetSuite Connector integrates seamlessly offering unparalleled security and efficiency in financial operations.


Benefits of the EFTSure NetSuite Connector

1. Stress-Free Auditing: Automated reporting and fraud prevention streamline your financial reporting and auditing process.
2. Empower with Autonomy: Grant your team the freedom to operate independently with robust control measures.
3. Confident Payments: Our in-payment alerts ensure that all processes are followed, and your suppliers are verified.
4. Validate NetSuite supplier records from EFTSure either when new suppliers are created, or existing supplier bank account details are changed. Once confirmed a Validation Status field is updated accordingly.
5. Validates the .aba file generated in NetSuite for payments to be processed at the bank. Any failed payments will be flagged before being sent to the bank for payment.



Proactive Financial Control:

Stay ahead of cybercrime with EFTSure’s
in-bank alerts at the point of authorisation


Risk Management Redefined:

Mitigate risk with digital verification and payment controls.

Simplified Compliance:

Pass audits with ease using our comprehensive tracking and reporting features.

Accounts Payable Security:

Prevent internal and supplier fraud payments with compliance checks.


Security Tailored for CFOs and Accounts Teams

Our EFTSure NetSuite connector is designed to protect against invoice and payment fraud, making it a vital tool for proactive financial management and crime prevention.

Discover how EFTSure transforms your financial operations

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