To discover how cloud-based ERP systems support and accelerate growing organisations, we engaged senior IT executives in discussions on their technology evaluations. These executives have shared insights on why they switched from an on-premise ERP system to a cloud ERP system, how the implementation process occurred, benefits they have experienced and lessons learned.

Throughout the interviews, participants commented on a prevailing theme: the marketplace is changing faster than ever before, and competitive pressures continue to mount. To keep pace in this dynamic environment and to lay the foundation for growth, firms are realising that their historical processes and on- premise ERP systems are not adequate. They need to modernise their IT infrastructure to provide the visibility and scalability necessary for growth.

These discussions underscored how cloud ERP software enable businesses to respond to market dynamics through rapid scalability, access for distributed workforces and real-time visibility into the organisation from anywhere. They provide a full view of the customer, which equips employees at all levels with real-time information to support intelligent decision making. Since cloud based ERP infrastructures flex with growth, the IT team is freed from the complex integrations and upgrades that can prevent businesses from outrunning the competition.

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