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OneKloudX Has Given Full Visibility to Norbar, Ensuring Smooth Business Management

Norbar Torque Tools have been supplying premium ranges of torque wrenches and equipment, providing technical support and calibration services throughout the Asia Pacific region for over 30 years to the mining, oil and gas, and defence services sectors. A leader in their field, Norbar needed to utilise their NetSuite ERP to its fullest. However, it wasn't being used to its full potential and was failing to keep up with the demands of the business. Norbar wanted a local company with whom they could work closely to get their ERP system up to speed and optimised to manage their operations.

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Tool Manufacturing

Adelaide, SA

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

OneKloudX Fully Utilises NetSuite ERP to Full Capacity

OneKloudX maximises NetSuite to eliminate manual processes

The Norbar state offices were relying on manually triggered emails and alerts to know the status of orders and repairs. They had no visibility about which tools were being serviced or when they were coming back, which made the team struggle to understand the scheduling. OneKloudX designed a dashboard that allows the Operations Manager to see what items are in the queue, what their repair status is, and who is working on it.

Increased visibility through NetSuite automations

OneKloudX was able to optimise the system to allow for more automation and streamlining of Norbar’s operations. With increased visibility into upcoming jobs, Norbar technicians can track their time more accurately and make better decisions on staffing and scheduling to give customers the best experience possible.

“Thanks to the expertise of OneKloudX, we now know exactly which tools are due in for servicing, when they are due to arrive, and when they are expected to be delivered back to the customer. The level of visibility that OneKloudX has given us is fantastic for our business, making sure that operations run smoothly.”
- Matt Packer, Managing Director

OneKloudX has given Norbar the visibility of upcoming repairs and maintenance, so now they are able to efficiently communicate with customers. Norbar can also now provide accurate timeframes for delivery based on the time needed to complete the job. With company-wide visibility, operational efficiencies have increased, and the overall customer satisfaction has improved.