NetSuite 2020.2 for Wholesale Distributors

NetSuite 2020.2 for wholesale distributors fortify warehouse and ecommerce operations

Enhancements in the latest Netsuite 2020.2 for wholesale distributors addresss the needs and more including warehouse management, quality management, supply planning and ecommerce, which gives wholesale distributors the tools and capabilities they need to weather uncertainty and thrive.

Many Australian businesses rely on wholesale distributors to represent their business internationally, while many international businesses have appointed wholesale distributors for their ANZ market representation. Efficient warehouse operations is one of the key differentiators for wholesale distributors and solving core challenges can impact in delivering operational excellence. Many distributors are battling with ineffective supply chains, lack of clear data, excess inventory, and limited tracking.

NetSuite 2020.2 for wholesale distributors warehouse management

The NetSuite WMS functionality includes the ability to receive, transfer and pick goods inside a location without bins, including single order picking and multi-order picking at warehouses. Small warehouses benefit from the efficiency of hand-held picking without the overhead of managing bins.

B2B commerce

With an improved form and flexible approval workflows, the new SuiteCommerce Sign Up extension speeds up the registration and approvals of ecommerce store buyers. Upon form submission the “unapproved” interested buyer requires admin approval to allows them to receive the B2B/wholesale pricing.

The Merchandise Hierarchy Workbook now features pre-built customisable KPIs and reports so you can quickly analyse merchandise performance and view performance trends by category and identify new opportunities.

Autonomous supply chain

NetSuite MRP capabilities for supply planning* has been completely re-designed so now it features a dedicated planning repository allowing planners to make decisions based on timely and reliable information.

Supply Chain Planners are now able to:

  • monitor, edit or release orders for approval and aggregation;
  • review and accept action/exception messages individually or in bulk; and
  • pegging information provides planners full visibility into how demand is allocated to supply.
  • The Planning Workbench analyses the data by product line, plan, location, user-defined item categories and groups. The Planning Workbench alerts users to issues that require attention to prevent shortages and excess stock, and provides ‘what-if’ scenario planning.
  • Supply allocation accuracy is increased by allowing inbound shipments to be included into the allocation of supplies relating to purchase orders.
  • Fill rate optimisation allocates existing supply to fulfil as many sales order lines possible based on the given stock levels.

* Available to customers who are using NetSuite Demand Planning

Quality management

The Quality Management SuiteApp has been enhanced to allow inspections to be generated from advanced manufacturing production scores. Also, location and customer-specific checks can be prompted from item fulfillments changed by shipping status, and improved support for high-volume sampling gives the ability to import inspection results by CSV.

Financial invoice grouping

Invoice grouping facilitates the consolidation of multiple invoices into a single invoice for the customer. Payments can be at the group level and applied to individual invoices, thereby reducing manual grouping resulting in more accurate invoicing, cashflow improvements and reduction in outstanding debtors.

Learn more with the Release Notes

These are just the highlights; there’s much more for Wholesale Distributors in NetSuite 2020 Release 2 than what has been covered here. For more specifics on the complete list of new features, be sure to read the Release Notes 2020.2 available here.

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