Balter Brewing Case Study

Integration of SAP and NetSuite

Established in 2016 Balter was started by a group of childhood friends on the Gold Coast with a simple mission of delivering “good beer, with enjoyment”. Balter Brewing has been one of the fastest-growing brands in an increasingly crowded craft beer segment, producing overall growth rates of 10 to 15 per cent at a time when many mainstream beer brands are in reverse. In 2019 Balter was acquired by Carlton & United Breweries.


OneKloudX Rapidly Integrates Two ERP Systems

The biggest challenge for the team at Balter Brewing was attempting to get two different ERP systems working together. They now have the chance to capture and process every order that comes through, consolidate all the details of this order (inventory levels, orders processed, payments made). Following a successful go-live and staff training, there is now a very competent level of NetSuite knowledge within Balter.

Balter Brewing - Beer

OneKloudX integrates two operating ERP systems

With different integration methods and protocols of receiving and sending messages between two systems, the team at OneKloudX worked closely with the teams at Balter Brewing and Carlton & United Breweries to implement a SOAP driven integration of receiving orders and sending returns messages.

Maximise NetSuite Partner App to best fit business needs

OneKloudX provided crucial guidance on which NetSuite Partner App would fit Balter Brewing’s business. OneKloudX worked with the team at Balter Brewing to identify their exact needs. Evaluating existing expense management tools, they determined that the standard NetSuite product offered everything they needed.

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“It was vital to us that we connect the two ERP systems as quickly as possible to start capitalising on the Carlton and United Breweries extensive network. The team at OneKloudX not only met our very tight deadline but have become a trusted advisor for us going forward. We know that we can rely on their expertise when we encounter a problem that we can’t solve ourselves”

Alex Peart, Systems & Reporting Analytics Manager

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