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Schoolbox transforms data silos and bottlenecks in NetSuite identified with a NetSuite Audit

Founded in 2002, Australian based, Schoolbox is an all-in-one learning management system that transforms K-12 schools with technology which has a positive global impact. Schoolbox connects the entire school community with a powerful portal for parents, staff, and students, and provides a holistic platform to support the development of students academic growth, extracurricular involvement, and wellbeing.


OneKloudX removes bottlenecks in NetSuite erasing project delays

One of the biggest challenges the team at Schoolbox faced was not being exposed to all the features of their NetSuite ERP. With a structured training programme from OneKloudX, the Schoolbox team are now confidently capable in their ability to fully utilise the system, eliminating the need for manual data bottlenecks and information silos. With customised reports the team can raise alerts, based on specific criteria, that trigger notifications to the appropriate users.

Client productivity and data visibility advancements

OneKloudX identified that a dashboard was needed so the Schoolbox team could have more control over transactions and project activity. With the dashboard, Schoolbox would be able to set up workflows enabling them to free up resources on projects and deploy them where they were needed. With a clear view of each project and customer, the Finance team could also perform an internal audit on customer licenses versus what they were being charged.

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Agility combined with flexibility creates the right fit

OneKloudX has helped Schoolbox to realise their ERP return on investment within one month by identifying those missed invoices and expenses that were not being charged back to the customer. NetSuite’s scalable, workflow-driven platform has increased overall business efficiency and profitability for Schoolbox. With the ability to easily track expenses and customer charges, they have been able to ensure customers are charged correctly for the services they are using.

“The OneKloudX team has been open and willing to work with us onsite and collaborate in a modern, agile fashion. The flexibility and proficient nature of the engagement has been a large benefit in the scaling of our projects. There have been great value-adds that the OneKloudX team has delivered that are now critical to our daily operations.”

Sean Richards, Director & Co-Founder

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