Puffing Billy Railway Case Study

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Puffing Billy Railway achieves streamlined workflows and cost savings with NetSuite Audit

Puffing Billy Railway, a cherished Australian tourist attraction, sought to streamline operations and enhance financial clarity. Leveraging a trusted referral, they contacted OneKloudX as they wanted someone local support with bank reconciliations, third-party middleware, and standardisation of processes. An end-to-end independent NetSuite Audit was performed to understand their current solution utilisation.


Puffing Billy Railway transforms NetSuite Audit recommendations into streamlined operations

Puffing Billy grappled with inefficiencies and middleware that was hindering their operations. A comprehensive NetSuite audit unveiled bottlenecks, paving the way for stabilised processes, improved workflows with automations, reduced wasted hours on manual data entry, and significant middle ware cost savings. This journey towards clarity and efficiency empowers the Puffing Billy Railway team to deliver consistent financial management and reporting.

Inefficient processes stabilised with workflows

Frustrated by a system cobbled together by the previous team, the new finance wrestled with inefficient processes and workflows. Determined to break through these roadblocks, they sought local expertise to help them regain control of their NetSuite environment.

Utilising our Prepaid Support we have fixed the workflows with automations that increase productivity and an improved user experience.

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Puffing Billy Railway train at station

Modernising credit card and group bookings unlocks time and cost savings

Puffing Billy Railway previously wrestled with time-consuming process of synchronising their credit card and group booking from their CustomLinc solution into NetSuite. They relied on a manual, middleware-based solution that involved downloading CustomLinc credit card and group bookings whilst manually feeding data this spreadsheet data into their middleware solution to translate the information required for imported into NetSuite. Now, with our import automation solution, deposits and payments are seamlessly sync with NetSuite daily, eliminating manual data entry and additional ongoing costs. This streamlined process saves the Puffing Billy Railway team time and money and reduces their dependency on the middleware solution and integration maintenance skills.

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