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Access Health Enhances Purchase Order Management Function with OneKloudX and NetSuite

Established in 1978, with the head office in Melbourne, Access Health has been trading for 40 years as a national supplier to hospitals, aged care facilities, allied health and medical practitioners with a range of capital equipment. Access Health has staff with expertise in Myotherapy, Gait Analysis, Biomechanics, Orthotics and Nursing. Also, a strong focus is placed on friendly customer care and speedy delivery of products to community health centres and rehabilitation hospitals.

Company Name:
Access Health

Medical Equipment Distribution

Head Office – Melbourne, Vic

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

OneKloudX Reduced Costs and Improved Freight Processing

OneKloudX improves freight processing and dispatching

To resolve the freight issues, OneKloudX recommended a third-party freight tool that addressed the problems in freight processing and dispatching. Access Health was missing key functionality that would notify customers when their order is on its way. Rather than customising NetSuite, OneKloudX implemented a third-party tool compatible with both NetSuite and freight providers.

Access Health struggled with manual sales order processes which made it hard for them to provide information to decision makers. They needed their system configured to show critical business data, help collect information efficiently and ensure access throughout the organisation.

By automating the order status communication process with clients, customer service has been improved, and the team at Access Health has seen a reduction in workload for the customer support team. Customers now know if their order is in stock, what parts are on the way, and what parts are on backorder. This dramatically reduces the number of customers calling in to check on the status of their order.

Streamline the purchase orders and invoicing process

To address the existing manual processes, OneKloudX built a function that enabled automatic approval of purchase orders and invoices with a three-way matching feature. Within NetSuite, the team at Access Health now has the ability to match purchase orders with invoices without having to leave NetSuite and use outdated manual processes. The time saved by automated payment approvals has made a real difference.

"OneKloudX really helped us to understand where the gaps in our systems were and gave us some recommendations that would help solve the problems we were having. We now have a local team that understand our needs and can help move our business forward. OneKloudX bridges the gap between development desires and implementation."
- Hamish Wilson, Managing Director

With a third-party freight tool, Access Health can now take advantage of the greater daily freight savings. OneKloudX has enabled Access Health to guarantee that all pallets leaving the warehouse are optimally full, in order to ensure stock turnover metrics are met and costs substantially reduced. To address the existing manual processes, OneKloudX built a three-way matching function that enabled automatic approval of purchase orders and invoices. This has helped them speed up processing and optimize shipments to maximize profits every day.