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OneKloudX Announces ELMO Cloud HR and Payroll Gold Partner Status

OneKloudX is pleased to announce that in recognition of its efforts it has been awarded ELMO Cloud HR and Payroll Gold Partner status. Elmo Software has a policy of strictly assessing all of their partners against a number of criteria before any certification is awarded.

To attain Gold Status, partners must have delivered significant successful referrals, completed an entire education regime, and hit key performance metrics. Gold status is the highest partner status, and ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll currently has fewer than 10 Gold Partners. Gold Partner Status is a recognition of an increased level of commitment and long-term engagement by both parties.

“We are excited to achieve Gold Partner Status with ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll as their HR solution is the only one of its kind that integrates with NetSuite. By partnering with a solutions provider that shares our values and sense of innovation, we are able to achieve greater efficiency and productivity for our clients.” – Robert Jurcec, CEO, OneKloudX.

With ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll’s award-winning cloud HR, payroll and time & attendance software solutions, you can easily manage all aspects of employee activity, training and remuneration. You’ll get a great employee experience from recruitment to retirement.

“ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll and OneKloudX communicate constantly, working hand in hand to solve client challenges and go to market together to provide complete solutions for joint customers.  It’s great to have OneKloudX elevated to Gold Partner status with us and be rewarded for all of their hard work!” – Robert Watson, Partner Manager, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll.

About OneKloudX

OneKloudX offers the global leading true cloud ERP system, NetSuite, and carefully selected best of breed solutions to automate processes, improve visibility, and enhance financial and operational performance. Driven by a shared vision and purpose, the OneKloudX team works with businesses to achieve their goals, combining the power of cloud technologies with knowledge, experience, and service to extract the most value from the NetSuite ERP system.

Learn how OneKloudX NetSuite clients have implemented and connected ELMO Cloud HR and Payroll’s solution with NetSuite

You can join our webinar demonstrating the benefits of integrating ELMO Cloud HR into NetSuite on Thursday 20 May 2021.

Do you plan to implement NetSuite software by 2021? Are you looking for a solution that provides real-time visibility across the business, lower costs, better decision making, and an enhanced customer service level? With 100% implementation success the OneKloudX team are here for your business.

Contact OneKloudX on or 1800 155 683, to talk to a Senior NetSuite Consulting Team Member.

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