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ELMO Cloud HR Integration into NetSuite

A new way to manage your employees
ERP software is an indispensable tool for business management, and as they grow, executives and managers need instant, reliable access to cross-departmental data. Sadly, often this vital information lives in a variety of disconnected silo systems making it difficult to get an accurate view of the business in time or forecast needs to make smart, timely, strategic decisions.

Many companies state that employees are their most valuable asset, but their supporting systems make managing employees a monumental task. HR teams typically use a variety of tools and manual processes for the HR functions often without any integration into Finance. The challenges facing many organisations include:

• A manual process and spreadsheets for updating HR functions like hiring, onboarding and performance management within NetSuite Financials and Payroll.
• Siloed information in disparate systems without being able to utilise the data in any meaningful way.
• NetSuite Financials and Payroll disconnected from the Human Resources function.
• Off System processes and spreadsheets used heavily across the HR operations.
• Manual reconciliation of data by the HR and Finance teams which is painstaking time-consuming, prone to errors and very inefficient.

Bring the best together
By integrating ELMO Cloud HR Software directly into your NetSuite ERP the finance and back-office data seamlessly creating an architecture that enables your people and operations to access data in one solution. A unified database improves the quality of reporting, streamlines the processes, making it easier to maintain.

The data from the two systems will complement each other by providing new insights. Your Finance Team will be access the key employee data to:

• Determine employee turnover rates impact on revenues.
• Incorporate workforce management functions like Time & Attendance into job costing analysis.

While HR can use the ERP data to:

• Link payroll functions like expense reimbursement, asset assignment and commission directly into the ERP financial data.
• Include CRM data from customer support and sales to support planning and training levels.
Connect ELMO Cloud HR directly into NetSuite
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ELMO Cloud HR provides organisations with the tools they need to streamline their HR and payroll departments. With a single dashboard, your employees can be kept up to date on their jobs, salaries, and leave in a secure environment. ELMO's adaptable interface keeps your teams motivated and productive, while integrating to the back-office and core ERP functions.

The employee experience is a critical part of every company, and our integrator for ELMO Cloud HR software directly into NetSuite lets you take control. With its comprehensive suite of tools, you can transform HR transactions into meaningful employee experiences, which also determines what kind of workforce an organisation has and needs to meet the demands of tomorrow.
Transform your employee experience by integrating
ELMO Cloud HR with your NetSuite ERP
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