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SuiteSuccess Manufacturing

Purpose-built based on our experience with over 3,000 manufacturers

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    The manufacturing platform to accelerate your Industry 4.0 realisation for automating & exchanging data across your technologies

Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess Manufacturing comes in a Standard Edition, purpose-built based on the implementation experience of 3,000+ manufacturers including, but not limited to, functionality to support forecasting, supply chain planning, contract manufacturing visibility, planning / scheduling, and work order management.

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Manufacturing Standard Functionality

Includes all the configuration and data requirements to support all your end-to-end operational processes regardless of complexity for up to 30 users


1. Marketing & CRM
2. Demand & Supply Planning
3. Make to Stock
4. Make to Order
5. Assemble to Order
6. Configure to Order
7. Outsourced/Contract Manufactured

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Roles and Dashboards

13 pre-configured out of the box roles to support all your employees incorporating all their dashboard, KPI, transactions and reporting needs


1. CEO

2. CFO

3. Controller

4. Accountant

5. Sales

6. Sales Manager

7. ​Customer Service

8. Inventory Manager

9. Warehouse Manager

10. Supply Chain

11. Production Manager

12. Contract Manufacturer

13. Purchasing Manager

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150+ Reports Including

Pre-defined production performance, operational and financials reports across all functional areas with each assigned to the relevant roles


1. Manufacturing Scheduling Reporting
2. Production & Warehouse Throughput Reporting
3. BOM Shortages Reporting
4. Production Wastage Reporting
5. DIFOT Reporting
6. Budgeting
7. Accounts Receivable Cash Incoming
8. Accounts Payable Cash Outgoing

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10 KPI Scorecards Including

Each KPI Scorecard provides all the performance metrics required for a manufacturer in real-time and on any device


1. Production Performance KPI's
2. Vendor / Sales KPI's
3. Customer Performance KPI's
4. Debt to Equity, Debt to Total Assets KPI's
5. Financial Performance KPI's
6. etc...

20+ Workflow & Forms

Connected operational and financials workflows (e.g. purchase order and payment approvals workflows) with all the required extendible transactions forms with the industry specific fields linked to each role


1. Financial Workflow & Forms
2. Item, Demand & Supply Inventory Planning Workflow & Forms
3. Production & Warehousing Workflows & Forms for both Discrete & Process Manufacturing
4. Lead to Quote Workflow & Forms
5. Order to Cash Workflow & Forms
6. Procure to Pay Workflow & Forms

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10 KPI Scorecards Including

Over 300+ Business Intelligence Components Available “Out Of The Box”

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"And the end result is that our customers are more referenceable, up and running faster, at less cost and with less change"
Robert Jurcec
OneKloudX Founder & Owner

Purpose-built based on our experience with over 3,000 manufacturers