NetSuite Audit Workshops & Recommendations

Designed to help you and your employees, irrespective of where they are, maximise how you utilise your NetSuite solution and ensure all internal controls are in place

We perform a full NetSuite solution review and workshop, including a list of recommendations that outlines potential improvements and user training needed to support better utilisation, automation and user collaboration
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Initial NetSuite Utilisation Review

An end-to-end independent NetSuite review of your functional and technical configuration, transactions (forms, field, etc), roles / users and programming scripts being used.

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NetSuite Process Workshops

During the workshop, your key users will walk us through the end-to-end process of how they are using the NetSuite solution for the below business process areas, with particular focus on solution pain points / limitations and internal controls. With each, we validate the potential improvements and training that will need to be employed  -

  • Marketing & CRM
  • Order / Project to Cash
  • Resource Management
  • Record to Report including Asset Management
  • Procure to Pay
  • User Roles, KPI’s & Dashboards
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NetSuite Audit Recommendations Document

Upon completion of the NetSuite workshops, a recommendations document will be delivered outlining areas of user training areas and improvements (whether through the needed internal controls, process, configuration, technical or otherwise) for your perusal.

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NetSuite Classroom Training

Based on the NetSuite Audit Recommendations, a list of training items will be defined. These items will form part of the scope for the classroom style training day. This training day will be recorded with cheat sheets / documentation provided to support the user adoption post-delivery.