Schoolbox Finds its Way to Organisational Efficiency with OneKloudX and NetSuite

Founded in 2002, Schoolbox transforms K-12 schools with technology. Their team is based in Australia and designs technology for education that has a positive global impact.  Schoolbox believes technology can enhance knowledge and provide equality of learning. Each person in the company has a voice; while collectively they’re passionate about technology, creativity, and the future of education.

Company Name: Schoolbox

Industry :Software and Professional Service Education

Location :Camberwell VIC

Solution :NetSuite Services Edition with Contract Renewals

OneKloudX Wipes Out ERP Bottlenecks – Erases Client’s Project Delays

OneKloudX advances client efficiency and data visibility

Scoolbox had previously worked with the vendor’s professional services team. Whilst they had some success, they discovered it was a more difficult way to engage with a partner to deliver professional services, support and augment their team. They had a very descriptive, predefined way of wanting to work with Schoolbox. Schoolbox felt that approach wasn’t aligned with their own existing competencies and technical expertise. After being approached by OneKloudX they saw there was a much better partnership offering, working with OneKloudX

Agility combined with flexibility creates the right fit

Schoolbox discovered here was a large amount of value-add. They were in the classic conundrum of “we didn’t know what we didn’t know”. OneKloudX team was able to bring to the table suggested new ways that optimized the way Schoolbox was using the platform. OneKloudX helped them better define roles, permission systems, dashboards, and even reports that Schoolbox may not have thought would have been of value, but have now become critical to daily operations.

“When we sat down, I recognized straight away that your team was going to come into a room with us, collaborate, ideate, might come up with solutions on the fly. Be flexible to pivot and move throughout the engagement to you know, may make our highest, our more time-based requirements, you know, our highest priority requirements as quickly as possible.”
Sean Richards, CFO, Schoolbox

“We didn’t find you as much as you found us. It was perfect timing, but for Vikash actually sent me a LinkedIn email and introduced himself.

And so as we were in this sort of painful experience, looking to reduce that pain and get us get some more success, what really made you guys stand out is that you were a local provider that has demonstrated experience working with within businesses like ours, that dealt with both professional services and other subscription management type requirements in the same sort of size or even larger organizations than us. And so when we sort of went to look at partners, I actually did search Google for and obviously investigate, but we’re quite a loyal customer, and so when I had a good conversation with your team, it became clear that we should meet and discuss in person. And the fact that we could do that. The fact that you resonate with our painpoints and we’re able to confidently state your ability to deliver on those requirements really made the decision an easy one.



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