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Richmond wellbeing

OneKloudX Rectified Richmond Wellbeing's NetSuite Performance Headache and Alleviated Inefficiencies

Dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable place for their residents, Richmond Wellbeing struggled with poor performance from their NetSuite ERP system. Richmond Wellbeing needed a partner that could identify the cause of their slow system and offer a solution to support them in their work with residents on their mental health journey.

Company Name:
Richmond Wellbeing

Non Profit

Cannington, WA

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OneKloudX Quickly Identifies Inefficiencies Within an ERP System

OneKloudX improves performance issues of ERP system

Richmond Wellbeing encountered increasing slow and inadequate performance issues with their ERP software. OneKloudX installed an application that monitored the ERP system, the CPU being used, and the network itself. OneKloudX quickly identified the source of Richmond Wellbeing's issues and provided suitable solutions that could be implemented without delay.

Amplify functionality of NetSuite and increased visibility of assests

With a lack of visibility of their fixed assets, Richmond Wellbeing were in danger of wasting time and money investing in assets they already own or had already been upgraded with no visibility. The OneKloudX team has yielded a 75% ERP system performance improvement for Richmond Wellbeing.

"For Richmond Wellbeing, the most important thing was getting the usability back into our ERP system. OneKloudX saved us from having to go through an expensive and time-consuming implementation of a completely new ERP. They have given us a functional and fast ERP system that will help us in our day to day activities, while allowing us to focus fully on the wellbeing of our residents."
- Maryanne Wilson, Finance Executive & Manager

Rather than going through a costly full ERP implementation, Richmond Wellbeing can continue using the ERP system they have and can fully take advantage of the functionality. With complete fixed asset visibility, Richmond Wellbeing can now have a comprehensive realisation of their essential equipment that supports their residents. With an up-to-date and comprehensive fixed asset register, the risk of investing in equipment or appliances that are replaced or removed has been mitigated.