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RedBubble Acquired Business Entity Migrates from QuickBooks to NetSuite

Founded in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, the RedBubble empowers independent artists with a new meaningful way to sell their creations. Their listed artists have grown over the years to connect as many as 700,000 artists and designers throughout the world with millions of enthusiastic fans. Redbubble needed to capitalise on their NetSuite ERP implementation. During the acquisition process, it was identified that the new business entity was on QuickBooks and needed their financials migrated to NetSuite to increase business financial management, support growth and scalability.

Company Name:

eCommerce, Retail

Melbourne, VIC

NetSuite MidMarket Edition

RedBubble Maximises NetSuite ERP to Full Capacity

RedBubble new acquired entity migrated from QuickBooks into NetSuite

Redbubble acquired a USA based business, TeePublic who were using QuickBooks as their accounting solution. They needed the migration of TeePublic’s financial management solution to NetSuite, to keep company-wide financial uniformity to create a single source of truth for reporting, budgeting and forecasting.

Simultaneous multi currency exchange rates

A major step in streamlining Redbubble’s finances involved connecting NetSuite to their bank's currency exchange. This enabled the company to view real-time numbers in multi-currency exchange rates, in addition to tracking all of its financial reports — balance sheets, trial balances, historical data — within NetSuite.

“The OneKloudX team was a pleasure to work with while developing our NetSuite integrations. They were able to work across multiple time zones and jurisdictions to deliver a solution that met all of our USA requirements into our existing NetSuite instance. Their expertise has been invaluable in our transition between banks throughout the international business acquisition, and the consolidation of financial and operational data from QuickBooks into NetSuite. With their knowledge, agile approach, staff training programme, and ongoing support we were able to get started quickly. Without OneKloudX and NetSuite we would not be where we are today.”
- Grant Robson, Financial Controller

OneKloudX worked closely with Redbubble to migrate TeePublic’s QuickBooks data to NetSuite. With the implementation complete, Redbubble now are able to complete the reporting in a shorter time span, and improved reporting to help all departments operationally. As a growing business, RedBubble, the migration from QuickBooks to NetSuite ERP solution has been successful, as they are able to focus on their customers and scale the business, while supporting the operations of all entities with a real-time view of the business.