NetSuite Audit Workshops & Recommendations

Designed to help you and your employees, irrespective of where they are, maximise how you utilise your NetSuite solution and ensure all internal controls are in place

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We perform a full NetSuite solution review and workshop, including a list of recommendations that outlines potential improvements and user training needed to support better utilisation, automation and user collaboration
NetSuite Audit Identified Return on Investment Examples...
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4.5-month payback

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8.5-month payback


8 month payback

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Initial NetSuite Utilisation Review

We first start with an end-to-end independent NetSuite review of your functional and technical configuration, transactions (forms, field, etc), roles / users and programming scripts being used.

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On-Site NetSuite Review Workshops

Once we have clarity on the NetSuite set-up, we come on-site to walk through with your key users the end-to-end process and how they are using the NetSuite solution across your operations.

We specifically focus on solution pain points / limitations and internal controls. With each, we validate the potential improvements and training that will need to be employed.

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NetSuite Audit Recommendations Document

Upon completion of the NetSuite workshops, a recommendations document will be delivered outlining areas of user training areas and improvements (whether through the needed internal controls, process, configuration, technical or otherwise) for your perusal.

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NetSuite Classroom Training

Based on the NetSuite Audit Recommendations, a list of training items will be defined. These items will form part of the scope for the classroom style training day. This training day will be recorded with cheat sheets / documentation provided to support the user adoption post-delivery.

Sean Richards, Director
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“After undertaking the OneKloudX audit, we quickly uncovered many gaps, hindering operational success and efficiencies in our business processes. Missing/mis-configured roles, reports not designed to our specific business needs, and the lack of meaningful KPI dashboards had been hampering our decision-making processes and costing us countless hours in manual labour. By implementing the recommendations provided by OneKloudX, we are now able to get to the right information at the right time, meaning our decision making is simpler and easier, increasing efficiency within the business, reducing costs, and increase our productivity and revenue. There is no doubt that going through this process it has streamlined many operations that affect our bottom line and maximise our investment in Netsuite. We would confidently recommend OneKloudX as a partner and continue to invest in our partnership with them as our business grows.”

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