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OneKloudX Optimises Kardinia Park Stadium Trust's NetSuite ERP

The Kardinia Park Stadium Trust is a statutory authority established under the Kardinia Park Stadium Act, 2016. The Trust, governed by a board of seven Trustees, has been established to administer, promote, and manage the Kardinia Park Stadium Trust Land, more commonly known as GMHBA Stadium in Geelong, Victoria. Kardinia Park Stadium Trust inherited their NetSuite ERP system, which had been implemented three years earlier, however, it was no longer meeting their requirements.

Company Name:
Kardinia Park Stadium Trust

Hospitality Catering, Sporting and Entertainment Venue

South Geelong,VIC

NetSuite Financials Including Asset Management

OneKloudX Understands That Complete Visibility with NetSuite is Key

OneKloudX gives visibility to Kardinia Park Stadium Trust’s Maintenance and Finance Teams

OneKloudX identified that Kardinia Park Stadium Trust needed to have complete visibility of their projects' maintenance costs all in one easy-to-read dashboard. Kardinia Park Stadium Trust now has a dashboard of information for monitoring projects in progress, allocation of subcontractors, and all project schedules. The system's dashboard allows for easy and quick access to all project information.

Real time data visibility with the NetSuite App

One of the biggest benefits of NetSuite's real-time platform is that it provides a user-friendly and easy to use interface. Maintenance staff can now walk around stadiums, use their mobile phones to record the activities they perform, and upload the data into an analytics dashboard as they perform their duties at the stadium.

"OneKloudX supported us from the beginning and made us feel like we had their full attention. Our maintenance team can quickly enter the data needed for the financial team to keep our budget on track, and we can't thank OneKloudX enough for taking the time to understand our requirements and make sure they were all met"
- Daphne Henderson, General Manager - Finance and Corporate Services

OneKloudX efficiently integrates NetSuite Financials and Asset Management for Kardinia Park Stadium Trust. With the assistance of OneKloudX, Kardinia Park Stadium Trust is able to have a full overview in real time of each project, subcontractors, costs and schedules. This agile approach keeps people connected, independent, and productive no matter where they are in the workflow, giving Kardinia Park Stadium Trust the tools they need to manage their ever-changing workloads.