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FlexSafeTM ERP Implementation Methodology

The World of ERP Implementation Strategies Just Got a Lot More Flexible and Evolutionary

The iterative and incremental FlexSafeTM Implementation methodologies are designed to help teams keep up with the demands of our modern workplace. FlexSafeTM is based on many years of ERP consulting and implementation experience.

We noted the many shortcomings of Waterfall AND Agile/Scrum, and developed our own 100% successful way to specify and build ERP systems. Flexibility, transparency, quality, and continuous improvement all work together to make sure that everyone is on board when it comes time for change in your organisation.

Data from 2021 corroborates that projects using FlexSafeTM Implementation are more successful by 28%.

Why are implementation consultants so excited to use the FlexSafeTM Implementation framework?

It is simple ... because of how much easier it makes their jobs and it gives them more control over projects. What makes the FlexSafeTM Implementation method truly unique is the fact that it focuses on delivering quality and value to the client, while also fulfilling every deadline.

So far with FlexSafeTM we have a 100% success rate without any ERP implementation failures.

FlexSafeTM ERP Implementation Method
FlexSafeTM ERP Implementation Benefits
Reduced risk of
project blow-out
Improve team morale by
overcoming user adoption
Advanced project
Increased project
user training
Project bottlenecks
& roadblocks minimisation
Relevant production
metrics and timelines

Here is What Our Clients Say About Us.
Working with OneKloudX we have enabled the ownership and increased the visibility of our key financial data across our entire organisation. We have empowered our management team to access all the key performance data they need to make more effective decisions and control the outcomes.

James Leckie, Chief Product Owner - Schoolbox

After using Netsuite for a number of years we partnered with OneKloudX to complete a complex project. The team at OneKloudX have been easy to work with and added a heap of extra value to the project. What started as a one off project turned into an ongoing partnership.

Matt Packer, Managing Director