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Buy Now and Pay Later with OneKloudX' FlexSafeTM for NetSuite

Your business is about to get an Oracle Financing Assist! Now that you've got the latest version of NetSuite, we have a way for your company to finance their purchase. With our new Oracle Financing options, OneKloudX customers in Australia can now get up and running with flexible financial solutions - it's never been easier or more affordable than before.

Simplify your IT budgeting and planning process with a complete, total cash flow financing solution.
Approved customers will now be able to cover the cost of a FlexSafe Netsuite implementation with financing via a 100% Line of Credit. Every customer can repay their balance monthly, commencing after six months.
Netsuite payment solutions will set your business up for future growth.
Free up capital. Take advantage of new business growth opportunities without associated upfront costs.
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Here is How the Oracle Finance Offer Works

Approved OneKloudX customers get a Line of Credit to cover the cost of their FlexSafeTM Netsuite implementation by OneKloudX. This Credit Line means you can cover the full cost of implementation and Netsuite licensing where agreed repayments occur monthly after the initial six month period.

How Can NetSuite Help You?

A FlexSafeTM installed NetSuite solution sets your business up for future growth, without the fear of outgrowing your ERP solution. Built on the cloud for the cloud, Netsuite offers over 21 years of safe operational experience. Don't risk a bad mistake. With Oracle Financing for Netsuite, you can now get a mature cloud ERP, without the risks associated with unproven "cloud" solutions. Want safe growth? Contact us today.

Procurement Planning

Optimising your procurement process has never been easier! Do you want to spend less time on tedious, manual tasks and more time with the people closest to you? Our streamlined pay-to-procure system will have everything running smoothly. Procurement automation means that approvals are a breeze - even for those out of town.

Warehouse Management

The overhead of your warehouse is often overlooked. Streamline operations with greater control and visibility over inventory, fulfillment and shipping costs to save time and money for you!

Multichannel Customer Acquisition

You've always dreamed of a unified customer experience. Now, with the help of our multichannel functionality, you can deliver to your customers exactly what they want - when and where it's most convenient for them!

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

NetSuite is loaded with the best practices you need to ensure success on Day 1, earning it a spot as one of the world's #1 ERP solutions.

Intelligent Comprehensive Reporting Functionality

You don't have to worry about the accuracy of your data anymore! With our new reports, you can rest easy knowing that every figure is 100% accurate.

Accounting & Financial Management

Our team of expert developers can get you up and running fast with our rapid FlexSafeTM implementation process. Finance is one of Netsuite's primary strengths.

Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning

We utilize leading cloud software design practices and years of experience in ERP implementations to provide cost-effective solutions for fast-growth businesses. Know the real up to date numbers.

Sales, CRM & Marketing Automation

Reinvigorate your customer journey experience with Sales, CRM and Marketing automation tools that are world class.

Here is What Our Clients Say About Us
Working with OneKloudX we have enabled the ownership and increased the visibility of our key financial data across our entire organisation. We have empowered our management team to access all the key performance data they need to make more effective decisions and control the outcomes.

James Leckie, Chief Product Officer

After using Netsuite for a number of years we partnered with OneKloudX to complete a complex project. The team at OneKloudX have been easy to work with and added a heap of extra value to the project. What started as a one off project turned into an ongoing partnership.

Matt Packer, Managing Director

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