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Sometimes, a project that started out well, suddenly doesn't turn out as it expected. It causes all headaches and anguish. And yes, often it's not the solution, but the deployment process that has gone awry as a result of poor project planning and implementation.

Gartner Research estimates that nearly half of all enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects fail. They also project that between 50% and 75% of all ERP projects will be unsuccessful. The most common reasons for failure are companies' lack of understanding of the ERP system and the challenges involved in implementing it.

50 percent

If you want to improve your NetSuite ERP implementation, then you are not alone. Many companies have run into problems when they design and implement their ERP applications, causing them to fail. The most common failure factors we see include:

1. Project over budget or time

2. User adoption is low

3. Users not trained appropriately

4. Best practices for configuration and set-up were not followed

5. Wrong modules or packages selected in the sales cycle

6. Exhausting the budget before all modules installed

7. In-house or hired project team not implementing properly

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Our work is influenced by your goals. Since environments are typically already deployed and configuration begun, we help you to review and reassess standard processes to identify opportunities for improvement. Whether you are pursuing a complete business transformation, or are looking for better process efficiencies and cost control, or to maximise your user adoption and solution usage, we can recommend your best course.

OneKloudX is a leading software development company specializing in NetSuite. We can help your organization get the most out of NetSuite or clean up an overly complicated project that needs expert support. Our Australian-based team of consultants is available for on-site support, troubleshooting, and ongoing support without long-term contract obligations or minimum fees. OneKloudX has a 100% success rate in NetSuite implementations with expertise in every functional area of NetSuite, including ERP, Accounting, CRM, Inventory, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Suite Commerce Advanced.

OneKloudX has developed the FlexSafeTM Implementation method works in small increments known as 'sprints', these sprints last around 1 - 2 weeks where a specific section of the project is completed. The main benefit to this approach is better software with increased flexibility as changes can be made as the solution is being developed.

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Working with OneKloudX you receive:

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100% NetSuite Implemenation Success

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Direct Access to Experts
100% NetSuite Implemenation Success
Finance Available
Australian Based Team

OneKloudX's direct-to-expert service is a completely on-demand service. When you need an expert to answer your questions or provide support, it's just a phone call away. Or if you want the assistance of a NetSuite team to help you reach the go-live finish line, it's all available at your fingertips.

We can help you avoid a NetSuite crisis as we know how to put your ERP back together again helping with implementation, support, expert guidance, and training.

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