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Looking for a ERP Partner? ERP Solution Provider Attributes That Separate One From Another.

ERP Solution Provider Attributes That Separate One From Another

There’s no doubt when implementing an ERP there’s a huge amount of time and effort required from your employees needing to juggle their day jobs and work the implementation team, coupled with the associated risk to your business to get it right the first time; you want to ensure there’s the efficiencies in the business case achieved and ROI at the end of it.

Despite the ERP software being extremely important to ensure the features and functionality match your business requirements, just as important (if not more so) is who you select as your ERP implementation partner. With so many ERP solution providers out there in the market, the choices can be quite challenging considering each may have their own methodology, client success stories and wide variances in price between them.

More often, the success rate of your ERP implementation is predicated on the solution providers abilities to understand your business product or service delivery model, transferring this to the ERP solution whilst at the same time (and in my opinion, most importantly) transferring the solution and reporting knowledge to your employee users in the quickest possible time or and for the lowest cost.

Below are some of the attributes that make a great ERP implementation and support provider

When delivering an audit or review for our clients and providing recommendations to improve their ERP utilisation, each time we find that often, only 30-50% of the ERP solution capabilities are being utilised. This means that the respective businesses are not achieving their desired initial business case ROI.

ERP Solution Provider Attributes

  • Provider must be a proven expert in ERP implementations, preferably across multiple platforms
  • Provider is the master on the industry you’re in and prove they can speak your language
  • Provider must have a change management (user adoption), training & on-going support
  • Ability to deliver on-site, remote or hybrid between the two
  • Offer an Agile Implementation methodology
  • Their Track Record Is Proven
  • Thinks outside the box in recommending solutions

What Makes a Good ERP Solution Partner

Every enterprise has a different criterion set and requirements in choosing the right ERP solution partner. Here are some of the elements you can use to evaluate a good partner.

  • Fit for Your Business – Many cloud ERP solutions have a weak point in supporting the processes and workflows, like the requirements for retail won’t have the same for distribution and vice versa as an example. So, it’s important to choose a solution and provider that knows the ins and outs of your industry that can readily respond to your needs.
  • Ease of Everything – Choosing a suitable partner will allow you to enable your success. Don’t add to your stresses by choosing overly complex solutions. Look for systems that are easy to learn, reliable, efficient, effective and have built-in support tools.
  • Future-Ready to Support Growth – Being innovative and strategic are factors that cannot be easily pulled off by many partners nevertheless, a good partner can open up a door of possibilities to your organisation especially with ever-changing and fast pace technology.

Why Partner with OneKloudX for your Digital Transformation Programme?

With the team composed of experts and veterans in cloud industry technology, OneKloudX can work with you to build the digital transformation solution you are looking for in your organisation. As a group of specialist dedicated to providing the best possible experience in back-office operations by personalising and integrating a cloud-based ERP and Financial Budgeting or Planning for your business.

The OneKloudX Difference

  • Agile Scrum ERP Implementation Methodology – our Flexsafe methodology.
  • Accredited NetSuite Solution Provider.
  • Industry aligned ERP and Financial Planning Leading Practices IP and not starting the implementation from scratch
  • Proven Implementation approach by 20 – 30% reduction in operational costs and a 5-10% increase in revenue growth in the first year.
  • Financial Planning Solutions Partner with hundreds of implementations across our industry specialists, functional and technical consultants.

The OneKloudX Approach

Among other things, one of the competitive advantages we offer is our approach to implementing Netsuite Cloud ERP solutions. As you know, there are two main methodologies and although only a minority use it, we opt to provide our service using an agile approach which values more the adaptability and involvement and is a faster and more flexible method. Over the past decade, our team have experienced that most successful implementations have been positively attributed to using an agile approach.

We have worked with a varying number of industries and businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and part of Europe and ensure we deliver services that will have a guaranteed ROI to your organisation. Now, around 15 years and counting in service of aligning an organisations business strategy, process and solution we made certain to handpick specific cloud technology solutions that rank as leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave rankings which would give a complete business transformation experience to our clients.

We ascertain to sit down with you and define a solution using our proven methodology that grows with you to achieve the strategic goals.

Contact our expert team at OnekloudX for more information about NetSuite Cloud ERP and other cloud technology solutions and on-site implementations, optimisations and support services.