Engage, empower and connect your employees by automating HR administrative tasks with an easy to use survey and collaboration solution.

ELMO HR Core - Centralise and automate people management

Eliminate the admin burden with employee self-service

Employee Self-Service

Empower employees to request leave, receive real-time updates, payslips and more.

Truly Integrated Solution

Connect your HR Core solution with other systems and experience seamless integration across platforms.

Better Insights for Managers

Provide managers with a complete view of their team and enable them to make informed decisions.


Key Benefits

The ability to centralise people management data and provide tools for employees and managers to review and update their own personal data can help ease the admin burden for HR teams.

A key example of how HR Core’s Employee Self-Service function can help is leave management. Employees can request leave and check their leave balance to plan future leave, while payslips and payment summaries are integrated and easily accessible. Likewise, managers can approve leave requests, forecast leave entitlements, and produce reports and analytics.

Tiered access also provides the ability to view org charts, including roles, reporting lines and profile details.

HR Core also provides integration with other payroll systems or systems that can transfer data inbound and outbound. This provides users with the ability to use multiple systems that can seamlessly interact with each other.

ELMO Connect - Streamline your employee communications

Boost team collaboration and enhance corporate culture

Instantly Communicate with Colleagues

Utilise the chat functionality to strengthen collaboration between multiple users or one-on-one.

Initiate and Manage Zoom Meetings

Easily initiate Zoom meetings from ELMO and effectively manage Zoom video conferencing.

Benefit from Rapid Implementation

Leverage your existing ELMO user base without the need to procure and integrate with third-party applications.


Key Benefits

ELMO Connect presents a powerful value proposition for users.

With Zoom now the most ubiquitous tool for video conferencing, there are clear benefits to an ELMO-Zoom integration. Firstly, employees are empowered to start multiple Zoom meetings from within ELMO’s platform after a one-time, easy set-up. Secondly, HR professionals and administrators gain reporting tools to monitor usage and maintain a record of key meetings – backed by the knowledge that ELMO is ISO 27001:2013 certified and is committed to keeping information secure.

ELMO Connect’s chat functionality enables one-on-one conversations and multi-user chats to occur. Users can send documents to colleagues, allowing for collaboration in real time. Channels can also be created to issue company-wide / departmental communications, and encourage team-based / project-based collaboration.

ELMO Survey - Unleash the power of engaged employees

Collect, manage, analyse and compare data

Access to HR Survey Library and Benchmarking

Use templates from ELMO’s HR Survey Library, including benchmark questions for Exit, Onboard and Engagement surveys.

Real-Time Updates and Reporting

Gain access to reports that can be updated and generated instantly, allowing for real-time data comparison and analysis across your organisation.

Easy Collection and Analysis of Data

Get insight across the employee lifecycle by creating summaries and graphs to track trends and ultimately enable informed decision-making.


Key Benefits

Gain access to a sophisticated yet easy to use solution to collect, compare and report on employee feedback.

Assess how engaged and motivated your employees are, and obtain actionable insight into your employees’ attitudes and opinions towards their work and work environment.

Easily compare results by key demographics such as age, gender, location, division, tenure, etc, and share results with key stakeholders to make more informed decisions.

Incorporate feedback points throughout your HR processes such as onboarding or learning, and provide confidence and reassurance through the anonymity feature when working on sensitive HR topics such as diversity and culture.

ELMO Software - HR Core Module Quick Demo

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