A localised end-to-end talent acquisition and onboarding cloud technology solution.

ELMO Onboarding - Get new employees up to speed – fast and seamless

A personalised and comprehensive onboarding cloud solution

Simplify Onboarding Processes

Onboarding has never been easier. Users are able to create simple and highly visual onboarding workflows and streamline the steps required to get new hires up to speed.

Quickly Engage New Employees

Ensure your new employees are engaged and productive with the right tools, resources and information from the commencement of their employment with your organisation.

Seamless Induction of New Hires 

There’s no need to utilise a third-party onboarding tool when you use ELMO Onboarding – it can seamlessly transfer data from candidates to new employees... all in the one system.


Key Benefits

Being able to easily tailor different onboarding experiences for different candidates via ELMO’s onboarding workflow tool significantly reduces the traditional administrative burden required to successfully onboard new hires.

Candidates have access to their own onboarding portal where they can commence the socialisation process of being inducted into your organisational culture – meaning they can hit the ground running from day one.

Having your Recruitment, Onboarding and Talent Management system all in the one platform means you don’t have to spend time and effort managing three different systems from multiple vendors. Instead you can focus on the things that matter: ensuring new hires are productive and engaged from day one.

ELMO Recruitment - Talent acquisition made easy

Boost team collaboration and enhance corporate culture

Reduced Time to Hire

Reduce your time-to-hire within built tools that speed up the recruitment and decision-making process for new employees.

Reduced Cost-to-Hire

Reduce cost-to-hire with streamlined processes and a range of tools designed to save time and money when recruiting new employees.

Seamless Candidate Experience

A simple, easy-to-use application process combined with modern recruiter tools.


Key Benefits

With ELMO Recruitment, you can manage and drive your recruitment strategy from a simple-to-use, centralised system. From requisition creation to offer acceptance, ELMO Recruitment’s in-built tools will help reduce time-to-hire. For example, the requisition and recruitment workflow generator means you can create requisitions for new positions in minutes and start actively recruiting as soon as that new role hits your desk.

ELMO Recruitment also reduces cost-to-hire, thanks to branded external and internal careers portals, integration with external job boards and the ability to create talent pools. The integrated nature of the ELMO suite allows for a seamless and consistent candidate experience, regardless of whether they are hired and onboarded, or not. Unsuccessful candidates can remain in your talent pools and be nurtured for possible future roles with your organisation. For those hard-to-fill roles, ELMO Recruitment can be integrated with your preferred agency to track and actively manage externally sourced candidates.

ELMO Software - Recruitment Module Quick Demo

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