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NetSuite is the best ERP for a software company

A software company operates in one of the most rapidly evolving industries of all, with seismic shifts in development, infrastructure, customer expectations and business models. Companies can go from startup to IPO to global enterprise to acquisition in just a few years so finding an agile business system that can keep up with this dynamic change presents a tremendous challenge.

For software companies at any stage of growth, NetSuite software company ERP is the first and last business system they will ever need. NetSuite ERP system has already been through each phase of the software life cycle, from startup to IPO to global enterprise.

As Oracle NetSuite founder and chairman Evan Goldberg says, “We get software companies.

As the leading global cloud ERP, NetSuite enables companies to grow and scale, and most importantly, its platform enables businesses to transform themselves through each stage of that growth. In fact, NetSuite has tremendous software industry expertise. Over 1,500 software companies, from startup to enterprise, use NetSuite , making it the leading cloud ERP for the software industry.

NetSuite has more than 300 pre-built reports and dashboards targeted specifically for software and internet- based companies, with 15 pre-defined roles.

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