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Digital Disruption – Transformation Paramount to Changing Economic Climate

No longer just a buzzword, digital transformation of your business is no longer an option, it is a fact of survival and sustainability. According to the KPMG Global Transformation Survey 2016 research shows that 96% of companies are focused on transformation, but less than half of them feel that they reap the full value.

The top five reasons why digital transformations fail to meet goals:

  1. Failure to understand the complexity of the operating model (beyond the technology)
  2. Inability to innovate
  3. Missing the cultural connection
  4. Failure to take a business-value-first approach to technology
  5. Inability to execute

The Digital Core

ERP and CRM play the most useful role in building your digital core. The digital core consists of an intelligent suite, service and a digitasl platform cloud based. Finding the right technology, primarily the CRM and ERP solution, is only one part of the jigsaw puzzle to consider in your digital  evaluation journey to ensure all the features, functions, capabilities across each of your operational processes are catered for under the one data umbrella.

Through my experience of being a part of hundreds transformations implementation projects globally during both the good growth times and the bad like the GFC, the alignment of the business strategy to your service delivery model and bringing your people, process on the same journey under the one governance structure, is the only proven recipe for success and longevity. A modern ERP cloud solution keeps you to up to date with changing global compliance.

Intertwining a templated CRM and ERP cloud solution for your industry using best industry practice coupled with a target operating model (TOM) that fluid and specific to you, will allow for the required capabilities to flex in todays goals of maximising revenue growth, whilst being ready for tomorrows potential economic contraction when a streamlined operation is paramount.

Considering we are at the top of the debt cycle coupled with being in one of the longest bull runs and business growth in history, now is the time to start looking at optimising and transforming operations with your own malleable TOM. Based on what the likes of Ray Dalio (Legendary Investor & Bridgewater Founder) and others economists are saying; tough times could be ahead of us… Being ready with a transformed operation to provide the clear visibility to make the right decisions quickly using the right CRM and ERP, will help you weather any storm ahead.

Discover what is required today for your business to achieve a CRM and ERP transformation the right way and avoid the perils of those that failed above in this ever changing economic landscape.

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