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Adchem Improves Forecasting and Procurement Efficiencies with OneKloudX and NetSuite

Adchem employs over 50 people at the Burra production facility. A small commercial team is located at the Melbourne Head Office of Adchem's parent company, Ausminco Pty Ltd. The manufacturing facility at Burra has been producing copper chemicals since 1970, and the majority of output is exported to customers in over 20 countries. Adchem's products are used as inputs in a wide range of industrial (wood preservation, automotive, electronic, catalyst, metal treatment, surface coatings) and agricultural (trace element in both animal feed and fertilizers) applications.

Company Name:
Adchem Australia

Chemical Manufacturing

Production Facility - Burra, SA Head Office - Melbourne, Vic

NetSuite SuiteSuccess Manufacturing Standard Edition

OneKloudX Improves Operational Efficiency And Data Visibility Between Multiple Locations

OneKloudX improves client purchase order control

Adchem have a complex manufacturing process that requires overseas purchases of raw materials for processing at the facility in Burra. With NetSuite, Adchem now has full visibility over their purchase orders to ensure they are buying the correct product and quantities at the right price. The Finance team is now able to approve every purchase order prior to posting to the supplier.

Ability to accurately forecast improves operational efficiency

By improving operational efficiency and providing a 360-degree view of financial and operational activities, the Adchem team have improved their forecasting functions. Using NetSuite, Adchem can now forecast how much packaging materials they will need based on the opportunities they have in the pipeline and how much is already on site. NetSuite has given the company full visibility of this process and means they don't end up buying unnecessary packaging materials that have to be stored until they're needed.

"The OneKloudX team has been open and willing to work with us onsite and collaborate in a modern, agile manner. The flexibility and agility nature of engagement has been a large benefit to the scaling of our projects. We are benefiting from an integrated solution that has resulted in Capex savings, real-time inventory management, and improved procurement processes"

- Gavin Smith, Chief Financial Officer

By adopting Netsuite, Adchem has removed the redundant manual processes and reduced their hardcopy storage of important information. By improving operational efficiencies and providing a 360-degree view of all financial and operational activities, the Adchem team have improved their forecasting abilities of stock and packaging inventories, while improving their procurement capabilities. The Adchem team now have all the information they need at their fingertips.