Agile Optimisation

Immediate Value Realisation with Agile & Scrum

Our Agile methodology delivers continual optimisation across all areas of your NetSuite or Adaptive Insights solution to meet the ever growing improvements needed to achieve your strategic goals. Some of the benefits include -​​​

Engage – Setting Up Project Success

Collectively agreeing the project strategy, agile / resource planning, training and SuiteSuccess alignment & personalisation sessions.

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Drive – Process Configuration Delivery

Delivering on the agreed personalisation's required  & user stories through standard NetSuite configuration (or agreed technical integration / script).

Enable – Achieve Your Acceptance

Achieving agreed solution sign-off and executing the required training for each of the end-to-end user story processes.

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Convert – Process Transition to Support

The same team who delivered the solution will be on-hand to support you to ensure the business outcomes and value is achieved.

What is an Agile Implementation?

The use of the 'Agile' methodology is a type of project management that works in small increments known as 'sprints', these sprints last around 1 - 2 weeks where a specific section of the project is completed.

The main benefit to this approach is the increased flexibility as changes can be made as the solution is being developed.