We utilise an Agile Scrum methodology to deliver continual optimisation across all areas of your NetSuite or Financial Budgeting & Planning solution in order to adapt to the ever changing market conditions and demands needed to achieve your strategic goals

The Agile methodology delivers on fortnightly software releases through more empowered collaboration, better greater transparency, stakeholder satisfaction and lower risk than a traditional software (Waterfall) implementation project.


Project Planning & Scoping

Collectively agreeing the project strategy, agile / resource planning, training and user story definitions, product backlog, release and change plan (if applicable).

Sprint Execution

Development & Testing

Sprint Planning Workshops are held to prioritise the items that will be worked on during each defined Sprint.

The Scrum team holds a Daily Scrum Meeting to update each other on their commitments and progress through development and testing against their assigned user stories.

Sprint Review

Deliverables Reviewed & Signed-Off

At the end of the Sprint, the team demonstrates the completed items through a “Show Case” to the your stakeholders and conducts a Sprint Retrospective workshop to reflect on delivered work.


Deliverables Reviewed & Signed-Off

The same Agile Scrum team who delivered the solution will be on-hand to support you to ensure the business outcomes and value is achieved.

What is an Agile Implementation?

The use of the ‘Agile’ methodology is a type of project management that works in small increments known as ‘sprints’, these sprints last around 1 – 2 weeks where a specific section of the project is completed.The main benefit to this approach is better software with increased flexibility as changes can be made as the solution is being developed.