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Who We Are

Established in 2019 the founders started OneKloudX with a single goal in mind - to help business owners extract the most value from their NetSuite ERP system. OneKloudX is a fast growing leader amongst NetSuite ERP partners. We deliver customised and scalable FlexSafe™ managed solutions which help Australian businesses grow faster.

Combining technology and knowledge, experience, and service, our team of talented and experienced consultants have helped many companies large and small. With a combined 100+ years implementation experience, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for companies across the Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Non-Profit, Professional Services, and IT Software industries.

So, whether your company is just starting out with NetSuite ERP or you are an established player looking for a new partner, our locally based team delivers a comprehensive real-time view of your business so you can plan and manage better.


Robert Jurcec

Chief Executive Officer

With 20+ years experience in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics software industries, Robert ensures target operating models and business outcomes are delivered on the NetSuite Cloud solution for OneKloudX clients. Robert is a very "hands on" CEO.

Vikash Anand

Operations Director

With over 15 years managing and delivering CRM, ERP and Financial Planning solutions coupled with being CPA accredited, Vikash is responsible for Ownership of all OneKloudX customer engagements with his primary KPI is measured by delivering the agreed upfront, tangible business outcomes.

Craig Siu

Senior Project Manager

A certified Project Manager with over 6 years progressive expertise in managing ERP implementation projects, with additional experience in managing Business Transformations. Recognised for consistent success in ensuring complex business processes are delivered through strong stakeholder management.

Bianca Amogues

Project Administrator

An experienced ERP solutions consultant for many years, Bianca has taken this experience and is applying it to project administration and management. She understands what needed to deliver ERP solutions and the requirement management needed to ensure project reporting, resource planning are seamlessly managed to have deliverables completed on time and handed over to our customers.

Charlie Puyod

NetSuite Technical Consultant

Has over 9 years of NetSuite experience which involves building customised solution components and prototypes. Provides expert assistance support to clients during post implementation stage.

Victor Misoles

NetSuite Technical Consultant

Victor has over fifteen years' experience in NetSuite ERP, systems architecture, and design, having spent the last twelve years focusing on SaaS solutions. Substantial expertise managing IT projects and working with clients, partners and vendors, as well as international teams. Victor has considerable knowledge creating functional and technical requirements as well as business process mapping, systems architecture, and design.

Jennifer Mier

NetSuite Functional Consultant

More than 14 years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for firms across a wide range of industries. Major experience lies in strategising and leading cross-functional ERP system implementation teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and profitability - both as a leader and expert consultant.

Faisal Aslam

NetSuite Principal

Seasoned NetSuite ERP Consultant with masters degree in Information Management, having 15+ years of experience in IT - Enterprise Business Applications.

Henry Peralta

NetSuite Functional Consultant

Henry is a certified NetSuite Functional and Analytics Consultant, renowned for his sharp eye for detail and results-driven mindset. He takes great pride in his exceptional time-management abilities and collaborative approach with customers, ensuring project delivery timelines are always met. With his expertise and analytical approach, Henry achieves exceptional results on every project.

Jeff Retuya

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Consultant

Strong consulting professional with a demonstrated history of working in corporate Financial Planning and Analysis and Professional Services. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Services, Workday Adaptive Planning, Risk Management, and Microsoft Excel.

Dorwyn Blasabas

NetSuite Functional Consultant

Dorwyn is an Industrial Engineer by profession who brings this experience of building things to implementing NetSuite solutions for our clients.

What We Do

We develop solutions that meet your needs right from the very outset. Whether you need an upgrade, a new module, or a completely new system, we offer turnkey solutions for any industry vertical.

How We Do It

Our process starts with thorough understanding of the client's industry, industry pressures, business objectives and goals. Our team of developers work closely with you to create a cloud drive solution that matches your business needs.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to drive growth by providing our client with focused and fast solutions through the agile implementation of industry best practices. Our goal is to improve performance and create an environment in which our client will thrive for years to come.

What We Provide

We combine the power of technology with knowledge, experience, and service to get peak performance for your business. We offer the global leading true cloud ERP system, and careful selected best of breed solutions to automate processes, improve visibility, and enhance performance.

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Our Social Responsibility

"We live in a country that is so advanced, yet poverty and hunger are still prevalent especially among kids. People make assumptions about folks who live on the street: "They're all drug users and alcoholics." But most are not! They're simply living in poverty and going hungry, especially kids. I know this because I was one of them. I was personally on the street in my late teens for a protracted period of time. Thankfully, I have been able to overcome that period and achieve two university qualifications and now to own a growing technology business. I believe that anyone is only one or two wrong decisions away from being on the street and that it could happen to anyone.

"I know there's enough food for everyone and my passion is to ensure that no kid in Australia lives in poverty or goes hungry." ~ Robert Jurcec, CEO and Founder, OneKloudX

Homelessness can happen anytime to anyone. Robert's personal story is the motivation that drives the OneKloudX team contribution to provide help to the growing community of people without food and shelter.